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Episode examples include but are not limited to:

In Season One: "Inside America's Heroin and Opiate Epidemic" Amanda along with her production team and professionals will join the fight on the battlefield of opiate and heroin epidemic. Founder of Stripped Clean, "Television with a Higher Purpose", Amanda Quimper shares stories of addiction, recovery, and the effect it has on families. As Amanda weaves through the crowds of hundreds and thousands gathered together, she will show the power of unity in these times of turmoil. The viewers will experience a variety of perspectives from all walks of life as this epidemic has no boundaries. She takes the viewer through the entire process from birth to parental reintroduction, and the effects of the rising heroin addicted baby epidemic in Ohio and throughout the country. She takes the viewer through the judicial system process, learning how Ohio laws are dealing with this newly rising incarcerated population and much much more!

Following in her mother and sisters’ footsteps, Amanda and her passionately driven family team, will work one on one and individually along with other qualified professionals to establish environments and programs where those effected by this epidemic can physically, mentally and emotionally challenge themselves through mind, body and soul exercises to start the process of rebuilding.

Amanda’s faith in God is woven through each episode standing true to her vision in helping people in need. Each episode will also include her and others creative arts and poetry.


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