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"Amanda Joan Of Heart"

The Documentary

Amanda Joan of Heart is based on the true life story of Amanda Joan Quimper, "The Maiden of Lorain". In this heartfelt documentary Amanda shares her spiritual experiences, tribulations and awakenings with the World. Her mission and vision of bringing "Television with a Higher Purpose" unites hearts of many in this incredible journey which goes beyond what most would believe is possible but is happening right now throughout this earth, humanity and the universe. Enjoy this autobiography intertwined with Joan of Arc quotes as she relives some of her dynamic adventures, finding new ways to change and save lives.

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"Amanda Joan Of Heart" Poetry:

You and Me Poem FINAL!!!!.jpg
Hold Onto These Words Poetry.jpg

It Starts with YOU & ME.

~Awakening Humanity & the Pineal Gland~ 

Hold Onto These Words

(All Bible Verses)  

robin williams poem picture FINAL FINAL Suicide.jpg

 "Robin Williams"

Suicide Prevention & Awareness

Rat-ta-tat-tat Poem.jpg

Rat ta tat tat

[#Q #QAnon] Poem 

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Humpty Dumpty Poem Final Pic.jpg

"Humpty Dumpty"

~5G Awareness Poem~

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dear god poem picture 4 FINAL.jpg

Dear God Poem 

~My true story of overcoming heroin addiction 

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