"Stripped Clean" sheds light upon everyday issues in the midst of the United States’ current heroin epidemic to find solutions, spread awareness, and create change using dynamic and unconventional strategies in a journey to save lives. Inspired by her Mother and a vision she received, creator Amanda Joan Quimper's mission is to find new ways to change lives inside America's heroin and opiate epidemic and more!


In season one Amanda travels the United States documenting the nation’s heroin epidemic. She shares valuable lifesaving information as she aligns herself with local, national, and international organizations. She interviews and works with political figures, recovery advocates, grieving parents, celebrities and others. Through documented research “Stripped Clean” will exhibit how the heroin epidemic is affecting Amanda’s home state of Ohio, deeming her hometown “Ground Zero” for heroin and opiate overdoses of the United States.  She talks with mental health specialists and state officials including Ohio’s Governor and state representatives to learn what’s being done on the front lines to combat this rising heroin epidemic in the United States. While heroin addiction is a dark subject, Amanda sheds light on the many stigmas and moral challenges that make up this major societal problem. She also recounts her life story because she has travailed similar trials and tribulations making her understanding of addiction even more personal.

Series Host Amanda Quimper takes the viewer on a journey in each episode with a multitude of professionals, outlets and resources, including  friends and family while they share their stories and struggles with the Heroin Epidemic. 


"Stripped Clean" then moves onto document other major movements taking place in  history shedding light and awareness on multiple topics and more! 



Meet the Host

Amanda Joan Quimper was born in Lorain, Ohio and raised in a middle-class family with strong Christian values. Amanda’s turn to the opiate addiction that now plagues our nation started like thousands of others - prescription pain medication.

Through personal stories relived by her family, Amanda shares her unfiltered life of addiction with the audience.  Amanda’s personal addictions have brought her face to face with a lifestyle of sadness, regret, shame and even close to her own death.  

As founder of the nonprofit organization Stripped Clean she has traveled the country documenting our nation’s heroin epidemic. Amanda has continued to do outreach work for addicts in need of treatment and families affected by the loss of loved ones. She has hosted her own heroin awareness rally in her hometown AKA “ground zero” of the United States. Amanda and her mother have also reached out to treatment centers, local residents and families dealing with or affected by the heroin epidemic with their own created outreach hosting mind, body and spirit workshops. She has been featured in many radio shows, social media outlets, newspaper articles, and television news channels. 

Amanda’s mission to bring light to everyday issues came to her through a vision she received after prayer and her spiritual journey was the key to transforming her life. She has also experienced prophetic dreams, angelic encounters and many revelations. Some of her revelations lead her to documenting other major movements in history taking place right now, such as the UFO and disclosure movement and more. Amanda recently finished her own documentary named, "Amanda Joan of Heart" sharing her story with the World. Amanda is seeking distribution for her works and looks forward to creating "TV with Purpose" for the overall betterment of humanity. 

Amanda is also a member of SAG and AFTRA and has been seen in the TV show CSI-Miami. 

Meet the Family

Debi Balmert | Mother

Amanda’s Mother Debi Balmert, a lifelong fitness expert, and founder of the “Original Backyard Boot Camp” shares her darkest moments during both of her children’s substance abuse struggles. Alongside her husband Terry, they share their personal stories.

Debi’s Websites:

Debi’s Personal Training.com | Got Gut.com

Diane Quimper | Sister

Amanda’s Sister Diane, owner of the groundbreaking “Spark the Fire Within” empowerment workshop has empowered many men and women through her fear breaking techniques of walking through fire. With hope, Diane shares the struggles and pain her two siblings’ substance abuse caused her family.

Diane’s Website: Spark the Fire Within.com



Dennis Quimper | Brother

Amanda’s Brother Dennis, an avid outdoors-man and recovering addict, shares his personal stories of opiate abuse and his upbringing.

Terry Balmert | Stepfather

Amanda’s stepfather is as middle of America as it gets. Terry’s values and expectation of others comes from his own hard-working ethics. Terry shares his unfiltered views as he watched firsthand how heroin can be so destructive


Lucas McMullen | Cousin


Amanda’s cousin Lucas shares his perspective of heroin and addiction. After a very public overdose in a McDonald’s with his child in the car, Lucas shares how that affected their lives giving him new hope and strength to battle heroin.

Jennie Newark | Best Friend

Amanda’s best friend and new mother Jennie shares her personal challenges with addiction not only for herself, but for her newborn child as well.


Jennie was laid to rest on September 21, 2019

Patty Baughman | Best Friend

One of Amanda’s closest family friends Patty, is an out-of-the-box thinker, the two have traveled throughout the United States together on many adventures. Patty shares her stories with the viewers.

Brian Ritchie | Family Friend

A true family friend, Brian has traveled the states on adventures taking part in Amanda’s highest highs in life. Brian shares how Amanda battled her lowest of lows with addiction through her spirituality.


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